I simply do not know which language to write this in. Yet here in NY I started writing in English, on the Christmas Day of 2012, one week away from 2013 within the 35th year of my life and almost by the end of my 4th year in New York where everybody is always busy, otherwise is awkward. This has been in my mind for a while now and here I’m finally putting into words. The manifestation of this contemporary times. I will indeed try to and bring out something a little broader than only being concerned with this time of the world so it can reach to people of other times, periods and they can gain from it.

- A strong mind and appropriately chosen tools for whatever art you are expressing yourself through. If the material you are using is not strong, daring, fearless, you start giving in. If the color you are looking for has not been reached, go back to the beginning, start again. Do not fear to start over and over again rather than bringing out something “mediocre” as this mediocre level of art will not get neither you, nor the viewer anywhere. And the whole time and energy you spent will indeed be a waste.

- Do not be afraid to step into the unknown. What you already know, you have already experienced will take you no further than where you already are. The moment you say ‘yes’ to something which is completely out of your belief/logical system is the moment you simply might be able to take one step up. There is no meaning in reiteration unless you allow the shift to take over, if there is no change, this means there is no progress.

- Think… and find people who think. Finding people who think like you will help you take some steps together within an idea/a structure. Finding people who question -but with a solid stance- your thinking is what is going to bit by bit break your habits and start making you believe what looks like impossible and unbelievable in the first place. If there is one goal to reach, I think there are infinite ways of approaching to the goal. Try another one each time until you FEEL “content” with the outcome.

- Allow. After going in deeper in the process, you have to learn to allow the work to take over. Once your mind is so much included in the choices you make, this might mean that you start thinking very logical and art has to come somewhere between mind and heart, your pure instinct -which you’ve been taught to step away, to be like others- is the only thing that will bring out a unique and a genuine product.

- Instincts are still there, inside of you. The only way to reach the instincts within and bring out something original should only be through being able to understand how you define your self. You simply cannot bring out something by trying to imitate the aesthetic sense of another. You can indeed seek the aesthetic in other’s point of views but this simply will be an “etude” in another reality / quality, which will take you some places but your real challenge is to bring out whatever is true to you. The other one will never belong to you as it already is someone else’s success. Just be real, honest, true to yourselves which certainly stop tapping yourselves in the shoulder and go in there and seek who you are. Only by knowing/seeking the self, one might be able to bring out something worth being looked at.

- A contemporary artist is responsible for being aware of what has been accomplished before him, what is being experienced at the moment and therefore bringing out what the next step in the arts should be which directly effects where humanity goes to. The more inspiring you become as an artist, the more you will effect the peace and beauty humanity will be able to embrace.

Korhan Basaran, December 25, 2012 / New York, NY